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    Million Dollar Moment

    The 2013 Greater Charlotte Heart Ball was notable for a number of reasons. Not only did it celebrate its 55th year, but most notably, it was the first year in its history to surpass one million dollars! The American Heart Association holds Heart Balls annually in major cities throughout the country, and Charlotte’s was one of the highest performing in 2013, surpassing many in larger metropolitan markets.

    Each year, BD&H works hard to ensure that the AHA – whose work includes promoting awareness and prevention of heart-related illness, stroke and circulatory disease – is provided with the materials needed to ensure the Annual Heart Ball and corresponding events are a success.

    For 2013, we not only provided all marketing materials for the themed event (The Beat of Motown) but supplied hands-on guidance as well, in the person of our own Alaine Bollinger, serving as Auction Chair.

    We’re proud of the work we do throughout the year to help the Charlotte AHA achieve – and surpass – its annual goal. We’re even prouder when we think of the lives that may be saved or improved with the funds we help the AHA receive.

    Pro bono is short for pro bono publico. Which means “for the public good.” Since we all have hearts, we couldn’t agree more!