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One of our specialties at BD&H is working with private label and contract manufacturers to help make their clients shine.

Private label is a part of the marketing iceberg that no one sees – but it is colossal. Some of our most important clients are in this business, and some of their clients are major national and global brands and retail chains, including drugstores, grocery stores and mega-popular discount stores.

We can’t name any names or show you our private portfolio, but trust us: You have seen these products (food, OTC medications and the like) on store shelves many times. They’re household names. You just didn’t know who did the research, strategizing, branding, market testing and creative development behind them.

The same goes for our clients in contract manufacturing. They have big name customers who need to make a big impact with consumers – really jump off store shelves – and we help make that happen. It’s called “shelf pop,” and for us, it’s about being invisible, while making our clients (and especially their clients) irresistible.